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Reinsurance Professionals

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Giager Wealth Management in partnership with YS Asset Management is dedicated to managing investments for reinsurance professionals, applying advanced analysis and reporting to assist in the design of their investment policies. We have established relationships with several NAIC-approved banks and trustees for the administration of trusts, streamlined the account-opening process for both reserve trusts and surplus accounts, and offer competitive fee schedules discounted by consolidating assets under management.

Many clients initially assume they could just ask their personal financial advisor to assist them with the management of their reinsurance company assets. We know better. The complexities and intricacies of reinsurance is no place for anything less than an experienced professional.

The complexity of reinsurance demands the specialized knowledge of an experienced team.

We believe it’s best to count on an experienced financial team that understands insurance industry regulations, how to maximize the investment policy for companies that must manage the details and restrictions of trust agreements and offshore entities.

At Giager Wealth Management and YS Asset Management, you can expect to receive more responsive service and customized reporting, and enjoy a more satisfying client experience.